Our latest  edition, to all  that  makes for  an  all-round-education, is  an INTEGRATED AGRICULTURAL FARM where children will learn the basics of vegetable and fruit cultivation, paddy and fish culture. A poultry unit and a dairy farm will complete swaha by which name the farm is known.

1.6 acres of agricultural land and 1.4 acres of paddy fields near Pakkil  junction, Nattokom make up Swaha our experimental organic farm.

The paddy fields of swaha  are used for pisciculture and to cultivate paddy under  the ‘Oru Nellum Oru Meenum’ project.The agrcultural land is used to grow fruit crops like Rambutan, Mangosteen, Papaya, Jack fruit, Pulasan, Mango and Banana. Cassava, Elephant Yam and other vegetables are also grown.

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