Fee Details

Nursery, Stds I to X

 Tuition Fees Rs.  37,500.00

Stds XI ,XII

 Tuition Fees   Rs.  39,500.00   

Stds I to XII

Fees   Rs.  49,500.00   


TEXT BOOK AND NOTE BOOK CHARGES 2021-2022 (Subject to change)

Class Cost for Text
Cost for Note Books Total Amount
Nursery (Work Sheet)
(Chart Paper)
I 150 1050 1200
II 300 1100 1400
III 1350 1350 2700
IV 1400 1450 2850
V 2000 1100 3100
VI 2800 1000 3800
VII 2600 800 3400
VIII 3200 900 4100
IX 4180 1220 5400
X 3930 1120 5050
XI 4750 1100 5850
XII 4500 900 5400


  • Payments of fees for Text Books and Note Books must be made along with the Term I Fees

Procedure for online fee payment.

      • Login to pallikoodam.org
      • Click on the Online Fee Payment icon on the Home page
      • The State Bank Collect page will be displayed
      • Tick the disclaimer ‘I have read and accepted terms and conditions’ and Proceed.
      • The Pallikoodam page will be shown and then you need to select the payment category.
      • Enter the Student’s Admission Number.  (Please refer to the Term Report)
      • The Student details along with the fee to be paid will be auto generated.
      • Verify the same and input NAME, Date of Birth and Mobile Number of the person making the payment (For reprinting receipts at a later date)
      • Then proceed to the payment page and you can select the appropriate Payment Mode
      • Payments may be made through Net banking, Credit Card, SBI Branch Challan, NEFT Challan and UPI modes
      • After completing the payment, the Receipt will be generated. You can take a print out of this for your personal records. 

If you are unable to make the payment through Net Banking, Credit Card or other UPI modes, you can choose one of the following options, and make the payment by going to the Bank:

      1. Click on NEFT, then print the ‘NEFT Remittance Form’ and submit it to your bank for it to be transferred to the School account.


      1. Click on SBI Branch, then print and submit the ‘Pre Acknowledgement Payment Form’ along with the cash to any SBI branch.