Pallikoodam is born of the vision of Mrs. Mary Roy.  For fifty years she has worked on moulding an extraordinary school that imparts a creative and all-round education that produces happy, confident children, aware of their talents as well as their limitations, unafraid of pursuing their dreams and living life to its fullest. Today, every one of us in Pallikoodam works to realize and forge ahead with her dream:

  • We believe that learning can only be joyful and fulfilling when children grow up in an atmosphere of love in which both freedom and discipline are not rules in the rule book, but are absorbed from lived experience.
  • Our children are trained to achieve not only academic competence but also to learn music, art, drama, and languages —both local and international.
  • Gender equality is one of our fundamental, foundational principles. Girls and boys are encouraged to participate together in activities like Swimming, Football, Drama and community service.
  • In this time of climate change and global warming, we work hard to inculcate a love for nature and the environment. Our children learn how to plough the ground, plant seeds, grow food, and harvest their crop. They learn how to look after livestock—cows, chicken & geese.
  • Last but not least, we believe that none of this would be worth very much if it were not founded on a firm moral grounding of the love for justice, kindness, tolerance, compassion, service and responsibility.

Pallikoodam is a minority education institution but we believe in a secular philosophy, where children are not conditioned in any particular belief either religious or political and where personal beliefs do not encroach upon the school ethos.     


                                                                      PALLIKOODAM                                                      20.03.2019


 The  School  re-opens  for  the  new  academic  year on Saturday 1st June 2019.   The academic year will consist of three terms demarcated by short holidays – i.e. Onam and Christmas.  The re-opening day of Term I is a half day till 12.00 noon,for all the pupils.

AFFILIATION: We are affiliated to the Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations,New Delhi.  We do the ICSE (X) and ISC (XII) Examinations.  The Council has framed a National Curriculum for Stds I to VIII and has made it mandatory that all Council schools follow it.  They may conduct examinations in Std V and Std VIII to check the effective implementation of this curriculum.

The medium of instruction up to Std II is MALAYALAM though children are introduced to ORAL ENGLISH through Music and Drama.

REPORTS are given to parents three times in an academic year, which should be collected from the Class Teachers on the dates announced.  Till Std. VII there are no examinations conducted by the school.  Children are graded according to random tests which will follow every unit that is taught.  In Std. VIII there is only an Annual Examination.  Generally, there is no detention in Stds. I to VIII.

Class Teachers will call the parents on a regular basis to establish rapport and discuss the progress of their child.  Parents of residential pupils may call  the office / hostel  and  fix  an  appointment  to  meet the teachers between 1.30 and 2.30 p.m. on the days they come to collect their children.

PRIVATE TUITIONS are not allowed.  Exceptions to this rule will be only by written permission from the Class Teacher and the Principal.  Any student taking private tuition without permission will not be allowed  to  attend  regular  classes  in that particular subject.  While he/she may write the exams, the paper will not be corrected by Pallikoodam teachers.  This applies to classes up to Std. X.  We believe that over-teaching of routine school subjects is counterproductive. An exception is made only for students in ISC XI and XII.  Please do not encourage your child to tell lies about tuitions.

SCHOOL TIMINGS :  8.00 a.m. to 2.10 p.m. for all classes. Pupils in Nursery Class and Std I may go home at 1.00 pm. Pupils are expected to be in class by 7.45 a.m. when the first bell is rung.In anticipation of any unexpected holidays that are likely to occur,Std X and XII will have classes from 7.30 am to 3.30 p.m.

Second Saturdays and Fourth Saturdays are holidays for ALL classes.In case of ‘hartals’ or unanticipated holidays,Saturdays will be working days.

All Saturdays are holidays for Nursery Class, Stds. I, II, III ,IV,XI and XII.

First and Third Saturdays are working days for Stds V to X.

Changes may be made to compensate for lost working days.


Swimming workshop, Yoga and Class P.T. for Stds. VIII – XII starts at 6.30 a.m. Students are to be present in the respective classes / areas by 6.25 a.m.

Singing for Stds. V –XII starts at 7.45 a.m.

PUNCTUALITY :  It is important to arrive for class / activities on time to take full advantage of the school schedule. Action will be taken against late comers.

In the interests of road safety and the protection of pupils from accidents, the main school gate at K.K. Road will remain closed during school hours. In the morning cars may enter the school campus through the main gate and drop the children at the waiting shed area. In the afternoon the main gate will be opened and cars may be parked at the play ground between 1.45 p.m. and 2.10 p.m.   All parked cars may leave the campus after the school bus leaves at 2.20 p.m.  On Saturdays, the Main Gate will be open from 11.45 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.  The Rubber Board Road entrance may be used during school hours and for special occasions. When dropping your child for early morning activities you may use the Rubber Board Road entrance and leave your child in the campus at 6.20 am.  Please note that the ‘Nadapatha’ is used only as a drop off point and not a pick up point.  All pick up should be from the Main Gate area.

ANNUAL CLOSING DATE :  We have given you dates in the calendar for the annual closing of school.  However, these dates may change due to unusual circumstances such as excessive heat or water shortage during the month of March.  Please note that attendance is compulsory on the opening and the closing day of each term. Kindly ensure that travel arrangements are made accordingly so that it may not clash with any evening programme.

LEAVE :  Most children in this town live in  close-knit communities where family functions are innumerable. We therefore are compelled to make general clarifications about requests for leave, which the school finds acceptable.  These are as follows:

  • Weddings of siblings, aunts, uncles and first cousins.
  • Engagements of siblings.
  • Baptism of a sibling.
  • Student’s own house-warming ceremony.
  • Death of a very close relative.

Parents are requested to send a formal letter in advance mentioning the number of days of leave required.    Sanctioning of leave will be at the discretion of the school.  If leave is taken without permission by the school, the pupil will be suspended for an equal number of days. You are welcome to take leave for your child for any other occasion you may consider absolutely necessary, provided, you accept the suspension from class which will follow.


This is a co-educational school where due respect is given to both boys and girls.  They participate in all activities as equals and enjoy a healthy relationship which is one of the most precious memories that our Alumni cherish.

We have to take steps to see that a healthy relationship does not deteriorate into one that is unacceptable.  What is acceptable?  As long as children don’t move into corners and lonely areas, or show open signs of affection, interaction between students is acceptable. Since unanimity on this matter is not likely in a traditional society like ours THE PRESENT OFFICIAL LINE WHICH THE SCHOOL SHALL TAKE CONTINUES TO BE :-

Boys and Girls will behave on the campus with utmost respect to one another.Students in senior classes are requested to avoid inappropriate friendships with those in lower classes. Complaints by parents, teachers or students about the misbehavior of any student will be investigated immediately and action will be taken based on discussions and recommendations of the Committee.

SOCIALLY USEFUL AND PRODUCTIVE WORK (S.U.P.W.) is a compulsory subject for the ICSE (X) and ISC (XII).  Parents would do well to read the Council Regulations regarding S.U.P.W.  A failed grade in S.U.P.W. indicates failure in the exam.  A child may be detained in any class if performance in S.U.P.W. is not satisfactory.  S.U.P.W. may be done during the holidays.  For this purpose, a syllabus is sent to parents.  It is advisable that you treat it seriously and see that your child attains the required grades of proficiency.  Skills will be tested in June after school re-opens.  Any pupil whose S.U.P.W. grade is unsatisfactory will not attend classes till they have acquired the necessary skills and a re-test  given.

Please encourage children to write letters, read books, answer the phone and talk to guests intelligently and politely.  They should take an interest in health foods and exercise and should be well versed in etiquette.

Social responsibility begins with individual responsibility.  All students will cooperate in maintaining  hygienic bathrooms / toilets, neat and tidy classrooms and a zero waste campus. 

 SPORTS AND CULTURAL SKILLS  are compulsory activities. We have an exhaustive list of cultural skills offered in this school.  None of these come free.  Like everything in life, there is a reasonable price tag.  The positive aspect is that your child will know to sing, to use paints, model clay, to swim, to speak in public, to act, to dance, to cook, to type, to use the art of self protection and yoga.  These abilities should come as naturally to an educated person as does the act of breathing.  It is compulsory that all pupils from Std. V upwards, have a minimum of two skills.  In Std IV, the pupils should have at least one extracurricular activity.  These will be tested in school every term. Pupils should have a minimum of one activity that is physical and one non physical. No pupils will be exempt from extra-curricular activities based on religious sentiments.   Attendance and disciplined behavior in these activities are compulsory.    Residential pupils may be required to take more activities as recommended by the Warden.  It is important that they be kept constructively occupied after class hours. High school students missing such activities have to make up the shortfall in attendance before the Term Examinations.

 BUNKING CLASSES :  Bunking classes and leaving the campus during school hours is prohibited. The punishment is one week’s suspension.  Please impress upon children that they must not leave the school at odd times.  The SMS system will alert you when a day-scholar is absent.

All forms of bullying be it emotional, verbal, physical, sexual or cyber are strictly banned in the campus. Ragging  which is the most despicable activity where Juniors are targeted by bullies in the Senior Classes  is also banned.  Even the mildest form of bullying / ragging is likely to be met with expulsion.

School furniture and property must be treated with respect. Damage done intentionally or due to improper use will lead to disciplinary action and parents will be expected to contribute to part or all of the cost of repair / replacement.

Electronic gadgets  such as mobile phones, walkmans, i-pods, laptops,  electronic games, cameras etc. are not permitted on campus.  Gadgets that are confiscated will only be returned to parents, after a fine has been paid to the Accounts office.

  • Cameras may be used on special occasions with the permission of the Principal.
  • A calculator and a watch are considered necessities.

Possession or consumption of alcohol, drugs and tobacco is strictly prohibited. Those pupils found with these substances will be expelled from school. 

 HEALTH FOODS :  Only vegetarian food is permitted during school hours.  This is an effort to encourage a balanced diet.  However this may be relaxed on special occasions once or twice a term. Snacks are served by teachers in Nursery Class and Stds I to IV periodically. Children are encouraged to learn Table Etiquette.

The following food and drinks are banned.

  • Aerated drinks of any description
  • Chewing gum
  • Fried packaged savouries like Kurkure, Lays etc
  • Chocolates like Cadbury, Snickers, Mars etc.

BIRTHDAY TREATS :  Students of Nursery Class, Stds. I – V can bring one snack to class (cake or pastry).Stds. VI – XII may bring only one item of any of the following:  unwrapped sweets like chocolate balls, doughnuts, cookies, marshmallows or Indian sweets like peda, ladoos or jelebis.

The school has no objection to holding birthday parties at home that are chaperoned and include all the members of the class.  As a policy we disapprove of parties held in hotels, clubs etc, as such parties are not age appropriate and encourage unnecessary show and splurging of money.

DAY STUDENTS admitted to this school must reside with parents.  They may not stay with other relatives in Kottayam.  They are expected to leave school immediately after classChildren that have opted for an extracurricular activity in school are to remain in the school library till the activity commences.   They may not enter the Classrooms after school hours. Day students are not permitted to enter Dorms at any time.

Residential Pupils who have been committed to our care may not visit or stay the day or the night with friends unless parents have given us prior permission in writing. Pupils of NRIs may attend school as day students when their parents are in town.  This is only permitted once in an academic year.

EXCURSIONS :  Every class is taken on one or more excursions.  Participation is compulsory.  We enclose a general waiver of responsibility which will cover all outings for this academic year.  Please sign and return it to the office.

 STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES WITHIN INDIA AND ABROAD : The Principal will announce dates for these Exchange Programmes.   Parents will be expected to ‘host’ visiting children.  Similarly our students will stay with host families while in USA/Denmark or in Chennai/Delhi/Shimla.

Other details will be supplied as and when necessary.  Participation in an Exchange is highly recommended though not compulsory because of financial constraints.

 NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL :   Notice of one full term should be given for withdrawal of a student from the school.

CAR FERRY : Parents/Grandparents,  who find it difficult to walk up our steep slopes can always ask for the school car to transport them.  This also applies to pupils who are not able to negotiate our steep steps. Car Passes are available on request from the office.

 PICKING UP CHILDREN AFTER A PROGRAMME :  Parents must not ask children to wait alone or in small groups on K.K. Road or Rubber Board Road in the late evening or at night after a programme for their cars to collect them.  It is dangerous.  They can wait at the Administrative Block till parents pick them up.  A security person will always be at this area.  Cars can drive into the campus from the Rubber Board Road through our rear gate, and exit through the main gate on K.K.Road after a programme. 


DRESS CODE:   2019 –  2020

 NURSERY CLASS : There is no uniform.  Shorts and ‘T’ shirts are acceptable.  Shorts should be above the knees and should only have the side pockets.  Extra pockets are not permitted. There may be no bows, ornamental buttons, frills, ribbons, lace, sequins and shiny silver/gold or plastic embroidered motifs.

STDS I, II, III & IV : Girls and boys will wear tailored grey shorts and small checked shirts of any colours. This uniform will be displayed at the School Office and at Pulimoottil Silks, Kottayam.

UNIFORM FOR STDS V,VI,VII,VIII & IX : Girls and boys will wear tailored grey shorts or capris / skirts and small checked shirts in any colour.  This uniform will be displayed at Pulimoottil Silks, Kottayam.

STDS X, XI & XII :  There is no uniform.  However, boys and girls will wear tailored shorts, trousers or capris.  Shirts must be of reasonable length. Only cotton material may be used for this. Synthetic and baniyan material are not permitted. Girls have the options of wearing skirts.  There is no restriction on colours.

This dress code applies from Mondays to Saturdays and examination days. 

 Tight miniskirts, low-rise trousers, faded trousers and trousers which trail on the ground, jeggings and leggings, ‘T’ shirts, low necked tops, sleeveless and short tops are not permitted.  Jeans are not allowed.  Also refer Hair and Accessories.

  • White T-Shirts and black or grey track suits for Yoga.
  • All items of clothing and miscellaneous articles brought to school must be marked with the pupil’s name.
  • If clothes are unacceptable, we will immediately buy suitable substitutes and charge the parents accordingly.

P.T. AND SWIM WEAR : Pupils will wear shorts and T-shirts, thin-soled, canvas, laced, coloured /white P.T. shoes and socks for P.T.  T-shirts should be long enough to be tucked into the shorts.   Pupils must have swim suits / swim trunks / goggles and caps for use in the pool. White shorts, white T-shirts and white Canvas Shoes are compulsory for the sports meet.



NC, STDs I to IV      – Chungadi pavada and blouse.

V to VIII                       – Chungadi  or Kavani pavada and blouse.

STD IX                        – Churidar set.

STD X                          – Set mundu

STD XI                        – Kerala saree with appropriate, modest blouses.

STD XII                     – Coloured saree with appropriate, modest blouses.



NC, STDS I to XII                – Juba and pyjama or mundu.

Khadi may be used for National Festive days like the Independence Day and the Republic Day.

FOOTWEAR : NURSERY CLASS TO STD IV   sit on the ground during class time.  They will therefore use sandals.  Socks are not necessary.  During Term I, all students must use rain resistant floaters.  Gym shoes with laces or velcro and socks must be worn during the Second and Third terms by pupils in Stds. V to XII. Crocs are not permitted.

HAIR AND ACCESSORIES : Long hair must either be plaited or tied in bunches for both boys and girls in the Middle and High School classes.  Short hair for all students in the Junior School is recommended for easy maintenance and lice free hair. Costume jewellery, perfume and make-up may not be used in school.  Expensive items of jewellery, nose rings for girls and earrings for boys are not permitted.



School phone numbers:           0481 2578123          0481 2572961

School email id:                      pallikoodam@pallikoodam.org

 School website:                       www.pallikoodam.org


 Pallikoodam is a community where our teachers and pupils work and learn together and where everybody knows that they will have a happy and engaging day at school.

Parents and students are encouraged to familiarize and comply with all the Rules and Regulations detailed in the General Notes. Ignorance of Rules or Regulations will not be considered as an excuse for failure to observe them. 

 In the interest of the school’s smooth functioning and the general interest of staff and students, we as parents agree to : 

  • Strictly abide and comply with the Rules of the School and instructions given by the Principal and teachers, whether or not we are in agreement with the same.
  • Be polite, respectful, and kind to everyone in school
  • Make sure that my child attends school in correct uniform / the dress code, arrives on time and is properly equipped for the school.
  • Support the values and ethos of the school and encourage my child to work hard.
  • Keep up to date with school matters
  • Attend parent meetings to discuss my child’s progress
  • Allow my child to attend trips and visits
  • Agree to school behaviour policy and co-operate with the school’s corrective actions
  • Make sure my child does not take time out of school unless it is urgent and make sure that the school is informed promptly if they will not be in school/ activities
  • Respect the School Traffic Regulations by not stopping or parking outside the school premises nor on the KK Road  or in the neighbouring private spaces 

As a pupil of Pallikoodam I agree to : 

  • Strictly abide and comply with the Rules of the School and instructions given by the Principal and teachers.
  • Be polite, respectful and kind to everyone
  • Be an ambassador of Pallikoodam and am proud to be a pupil here
  • Work hard in class and at home so that I can achieve my full potential
  • Attend school/activities on time
  • Attend school /activities in the correct dress code and be properly equipped for a day of learning
  • Think for myself and take responsibility for my actions
  • Be considerate of the needs of others
  • Share my feelings honestly and sensitively
  • Care for the environment both inside and outside the school
  • Not have banned items including a mobile phone in school and understand that these items will be confiscated
  • Not damage school property/furniture