There are about a hundred children in the hostel. Because they live on the campus, they get an extra share of swimming, drama and of course, games. There are matrons to love them and wonderful cooks in charge of the kitchen and even a baker who ensures that the children have a nutritious, balanced diet. Lunch is vegetarian. Dinner is non-vegetarian. With familiar surroundings and food that they understand, the kids in residence are a happy lot.



Rules and Regulations for Residential Pupils 2018-19

This is an attempt to write down rules, which are meant to introduce discipline into the life of a community.  There remains an unwritten code of conduct, an unseen line of decorum, which all of us must learn to recognize and live by, so that life in the campus is one of joy, of sharing and learning

Textbooks / Notebooks etc.  Please do not send old textbooks and notebooks which are not needed back to the hostel. New textbooks, notebooks, record books and journals will be provided by the school.

Food: Pupils are NOT permitted to bring any kind of eatables/beverages to the hostel or dormitories other than for their birthdays.  The intention is to keep rodents, cockroaches and ants out of dormitories where children sleep.  Lunch during school hours is mainly vegetarian, though this may be relaxed on special occasions once or twice a term.  Dinner is usually NON-vegetarian.  Please clarify whether your child is vegetarian or non-vegetarian and also whether he/she has any food allergies.

Birthday Treats :  Stds. I – V can bring whole cakes or pastries to class and to the hostel.   These can be either homemade  or can be ordered from Square One / Skillet.  Stds. VI – XII can bring brownies, unwrapped sweets like chocolate balls, cookies, marshmallows and Indian sweets like pedas, ladoos, jelebis to class.

Withdrawals from HostelOne term notice must be given for withdrawal from the hostel. Once admitted, residential pupils may not preferably leave  the hostel before the academic year ends.  It is not advisable that parents suddenly decide to take up residence in Kottayam and take a Std. X / XII child out of the hostel during the Third Term.  You are disturbing the study, games, food and sleep patterns of your child.  You are also denying them the tuitions and remedials which our teachers offer them.

Medicines and Medical leave :  All medicines are to be handed over to the  Warden.  No medicines will be given without a doctor’s prescription.  After a period of sick leave, pupils must bring a medical certificate from home, giving all details of illness and treatment.  Visits to doctors from the hostel will be charged separately, as also bills for medicines, hospitalisation and transport

We will not be responsible for the care of pupils with infectious ailments.  Parents or local guardians are expected to take them home at the earliestDental and Eye checkups are done for pupils once a year. Ayurvedic medicines, tonics, cough syrups and supplements will not be  accepted.  We will however give a special diet to those children who have specific needs eg; iron deficiency, underweight or chronic fatigue.

De-worming of the hostel inmates is done twice a year once in June and again in December.

Pupils in Stds.  XI and XII are allowed outings to Kanjikuzhy unchaperoned, provided we are given letters by parents permitting them to do so.  These letters must be renewed at the beginning of every year. Pupils are not to visit the homes of day scholar friends and relatives during outings. Pupils are to go for outings only in groups.  Pupils of NRIs may attend school as day students when their parents are in town.  This is only permitted once in an academic year.

Pupils in Stds. I to X are taken out for movies, picnics and any other interesting programmes,  chaperoned by our residential staff.

Pocket Money : Pupils in Stds. XI – XII are allowed to keep an amount of Rs. 500.00.  If excess cash is found, it will be confiscated and put in the Suhrut Social Service Society and a receipt will be issued.  For other necessities such as purchase of shoes, books, Birthday treats etc. senior students ( X, XI and XII) should operate an account with the IDBI Bank where they can use an ATM c/o their parents.  No money is to be given to kids in Stds I to IX.

A Suspense Amount of Rs. 1500.00 is to be given to the Matron by parents.   Pocket money, stationery, toiletries, medical and any other unforeseen expenditure are paid from this Account.

A statement of miscellaneous expense incurred by each pupil is maintained by the Matron. Details will NOT be sent to you, though you are welcome to check the account with the Matron.  The Matron is to be reimbursed for expenses under this account, at the end of each term.                                                                                                       

Visitors and Visting Hours :

Saturday          3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Sunday  9.00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Parents and local guardians may take children for outings only on Sundays.  Parents are NOT to visit their wards on week days.  Such visits interfere with routine activities.

Pupils with parents residing abroad may attend school as day students when parents are in town.


  • Visitors are requested NOT to bring sweets or eatable for children to be given inside cars.
  • Second and fourth Saturdays are holidays for Std I to VII, and hence may be taken home.
  • All residential pupils may go home on Second Saturdays, long week-ends and any other holidays declared by the Government. They are permitted to stay back in the hostel only in an emergency after taking special permission.
  • No pupil may leave class in order to meet a visitor.
  • All residential pupils must return to the hostel on Sunday by 5.00 p.m.
  • School gates will be locked by 5.30 p.m.

Please keep the school calendar carefully.  Intimation is given through SMS to parents only when we are compelled to change the dates in our calendar due to unforeseen circumstances.

The residential pupils may bring I-Pods to the hostel at their own risk. We will not be responsible if these items are lost or damaged.


 If you wish to meet the Teachers or the Matrons you are welcome to do so. Ragging :  is a most despicable activity where Juniors are targeted by bullies in the senior classes.  Ragging is banned on this campus.  Even the mildest form of bullying is likely to be met with expulsion.  Pupils violating school rules like jumping the gates, during the day or night going out of the campus without permission, will lead to expulsion from the hostel.

Tuitions  are arranged by the Matron only as directed by the Class Teacher and the Principal.

Extra-Curricular Activity is compulsory.  We do refer to the talents of each pupil in selecting activities.  This has been the tradition of the hostel.  The reasons are obvious – the children must develop a variety of skills.

P.T.A Meetings :  Please attend these regularly.  If you cannot come, do make it a point to meet the teachers concerned.  Your child’s education is your responsibility, and you cannot designate anyone else to perform the duties of a parent.  You may meet with Class Teachers when you come to take your child home for holidays / week-ends.  It would be good if you made a prior appointment with the Class Teacher.


Hostel (Land line)     : 0481 2570576

Warden (Mobile)       : 98461 03500



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