Fee Details

                                     PALLIKOODAM                                   23.03.2017



Fees must be paid before school re-opens on Thursday 1st June 2017. The Accounts Office will accept fees between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. according to the following schedule:

Day scholars and Residential pupils of Stds. IX, X, XII  — Thursday 11th, Friday 12th  and Monday 15thMay, 2017

Day scholars of Stds. V, VI, VII, VIII — Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17thMay, 2017

Day scholars of Nursery Class, Stds. I, II, III, IV& XI —Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rdMay, 2017

Residential pupils of Stds. I to VIII & XI —Thursday 25th and Friday 26th  May, 2017

                                                                                                                from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. only

Maintenance Charges          Rs.  14,000.00
Term I  Fees                         Rs. 20,650.00
Computer Fees                      Rs. 750.00
(Stds. VI to XII)
SMS Charges                         Rs.  250.00
Maintenance Charges   Rs. 12,000.00
Term I  Fees                 Rs. 30,500.00

Fees once paid will not be refunded.  Duplicate copy of receipts will incur an extra charge of Rs. 200.00

*  Residential pupils must check in clothes and other  belongings on the day they pay the  fees.

Parents of residential pupils working abroad must pay Term II and Term III fees along with Term I fees.

*  The fees of the younger siblings may be paid along with those of the older children.

*  Crossed Drafts/ Cheques for School fees must be drawn in favour of Pallikoodam.

    Crossed Drafts/ Cheques for Hostel fees must be drawn in favour of C.C. House. 

* Due to repeated unpleasant experiences with students in Stds XI & XII, we are compelled to insist that all residential pupils in these classes pay Hostel Fees for the whole year.

Residential pupils must pay Term II fees on Thursday 31st August 2017 and Term III fees on Friday 22nd December 2017. Day scholars must pay Term II and Term III fees before the Fifth working day of the term between 8.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.  Late fees carry a fine of 5%. No reminders will be sent.


Maintenance Charges – Rs.  14,000.00
Term II  Fees              – Rs.  20,650.00

Computer Fees (Stds. VI to XII)    Rs.750.00

Term III

Maintenance Charges   Rs.14,000.00

Term III  Fees              Rs.20,650.00

Computer Fees            Rs. 750.00
(Stds.VI to IX & XI)


Maintenance Charges  Rs.  12,000.00

Term II  Fees      Rs.  30,500.00

Term III

Maintenance Charges-Rs.  12,000.00

Term III  Fees            Rs.   30,500.00


CULTURAL SKILLS :  Charges for these are shown below.  Payment may be made through our Accounts Office along with the Term Fees.

1. Bharathanatyam per term Rs.1,500.00 6. Recorder per term Rs. 1,200.00
2. Carnatic Vocal per term Rs.1,000.00 7. Organ  per term Rs. 1,500.00
3. Karate per term Rs.1,000.00 8.Violin per term Rs. 2,000.00
4. Kathakali per term Rs.1,200.00 9.Yoga per term Rs. 300.00
5. Guitar per term Rs.1,500.00 10. Zumba dance  per term Rs. 300.00


 CLASS           TEXT BOOKS          NOTE BOOKS  etc.                TOTAL

                        & MAGAZINE        

Nursery ——   Rs.  300.00  ———   Rs.  450.00    ———        Rs.   750.00

I             ——–  Rs.  350.00  ———   Rs.  500.00    ———        Rs.   850.00

II           ——–  Rs.  400.00  ———   Rs.  600.00     ———       Rs. 1000.00

III          ——– Rs.1550.00  ———    Rs.  550.00     ———        Rs. 2100.00

IV          ——–  Rs.1800.00  ———   Rs.  650.00     ———        Rs. 2450.00

V           ——–  Rs.1800.00  ———    Rs.  650.00    ———         Rs. 2450.00

VI          ——–  Rs.2200.00  ———   Rs.  650.00    ———         Rs. 2850.00

VII        ——–  Rs.2200.00  ———    Rs.  650.00    ———         Rs. 2850.00

VIII       ——–  Rs.3100.00  ———    Rs.  750.00    ———         Rs. 3850.00

IX          ——–  Rs.4000.00  ———   Rs.1000.00    ———         Rs. 5000.00

X           ——–  Rs.3100.00  ———    Rs.  900.00    ———         Rs. 4000.00

XI          ——–  Rs.3800.00  ———   Rs.  800.00     ———        Rs. 4600.00

XII        ——–  Rs.3100.00  ———    Rs.  700.00    ———         Rs. 3800.00

N.B.  (1) Payments must be made along with the Term I Fees.

(2) Text Books will be supplied directly to each student through the Class Teachers.

(3) Please see that every book is covered and labelled by the end of the first week of June 2017.


There will be one trip in the morning and one trip in the afternoon. The bus route is as follows.

Pallikoodam – Collectorate – Baker Junction – S.H.Mount – Kumaranalloor – Gandhi Nagar – Medical College – Athirampuzha Market Junction – Ettumanoor.

The school bus may be used by dayscholars in Nursery, Std I to Std X, either for the morning trip only or afternoon trip or both ways.  Bus charges per term for both trips  (morning and afternoon)

  1. Up to Collectorate      Rs. 3,000.00
  2. Up to Gandhi Nagar   Rs. 5,000.00
  3. Up to Ettumanoor       Rs. 6,000.00

No child may board the bus unless parents have signed the waiver, which is available at the school office.  Please submit a recent passport size photo of the child along with the waiver.

A SCHOOL LUNCH at Rs. 60/- is available for day scholars.  Payment for a term may be made in cash at the Accounts office at the time of paying Term Fees.

* Brick by Brick (for New Admissions)           Rs.  500.00