Four  SCHOLARS have been admitted in 2011 to our school. They will be here till they complete ISC (XII). We are thinking in terms of adding to this number one or two orphans each academic year. Please remember that according to the Right To Education Act, a school is expected to admit 25% free scholars.

Interested persons can pay Rs.1000/- per month(preferably for a year or more) into
Pallikoodam Scholars SB Account No. 0027104000135757 in IDBI Bank,Kanjikuzhy,Kottayam
(Rs 1,000/- per month X 12 months = Rs. 12,000/- for a year) The Accounts office will issue receipt.

This will be used towards Hostel Charges, clothes, textbooks etc. for Scholars. Living in the Hostel they will experience the full benefits of Pallikoodam.